Air Conditioning Installation Chula Vista

Having a good HVAC system in Chula Vista is an important part of keeping your home comfortable, allowing you and your visitors to better appreciate the property.  At HVAC Pilot Air Conditioning and Heating Services we perform air conditioning installation in Chula Vista that turns your home into comfortable, climate controlled zone.  We are a full service company that works with you from start to finish of the project, including everything from a site consultation to the services required to complete the installation.   Our installations are designed to make your interior climate easier to control, even providing services that entirely replace older systems and integrate them with your existing duct work.

Professional Consultation

When you hire our team for your air conditioning installation in Chula Vista, we make sure that the system you select is well suited to your environment.  Providing a customized consultation, we work with you to find the systems and features and that meet your needs, including the size of your property, cooling requirements and your budget.  In selecting the right size and model, whether it’s ducted or ductless, your system will perform more efficiently, giving you better service and lowering your energy bills.  Our experts are here to guide you through this process, ensuring that you are happy with your new AC now, and for years into the future. 

Ductless AC

Depending on the needs of your property, some of our clients decide to go with a ductless model that offers a number of benefits for their home.  Ductless air conditioning comes in a number of makes and models, offering a quieter option with less sound traveling through the ducts.  Also allowing homeowners to better control the specific temperature in a given room, these systems can be particularly effective for households where there are high levels of variation in temperature.  No matter your decision, our team will help guide you through the process, using our expert advice to find the unit that is perfect for you.

Centralized AC

Having a centralized air conditioning system is one of the most common options with homeowners wanting to integrate their cooling and heating systems into one framework.  Circulating air throughout your home through the use of ducts, our HVAC company specializes in centralized AC installation, helping you select the systems that are best for your home.  Whether you’re interested in a split system, heat pumps or any other type of model, we guide you through your options, ensuring that the system is customized to your needs.  In assuring our clients that they’ve selected a size that’s appropriate, the system will run at maximum efficiency, helping to save on monthly cooling costs. 

System Replacements

For homes with existing HVAC systems or older systems that need replacements, our experts are here to help you bring these systems up to date with our services.  Examining the site, we help you decide if you want to integrate your new system into the existing framework, replacing the air conditioning system but maintaining the use of your existing duct work.  We have the knowledge and tools to combine new and old, improving your equipment’s performance and bringing technology up to date.  Our experts use our knowledge to answer your questions about the systems, guiding you to the decisions that make the most sense for your needs.


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